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Gun Industry Resources

  • Learn all about guns and the history behind them.

  • Read about many of the important dates throughout the history of the gun.

  • An information resource on gun control compiled from the Santa Monica College.

  • Learn why gun owners are more likely to die by guns than people who don't own guns.

  • Reasearch examining the gun use between young adults and death rates among them.

  • Learn about gun control laws and the reasons why we need these laws in place.

  • Read about gun control and terrorism, including steps taken to keep guns out of terrorists' hands.

  • John Lott's point of view on gun control and what he thinks we should do about it.

  • Read about Bill Clinton's technology research to protect children from gun violence.

  • Learn information regarding the subject of gun control and the second ammendment.

  • This is an informational page on firearms from the office of the State Attorney General of California.

  • This site gives you information on the research of guns and gun control from the University of Arizona..
  • Learn about the Youth Handgun Violence Prevention Project, which is aimed at lowering youth handgun violence.

  • Learn about gun crimes and firearm controls and what's going on to help combat this problem.

  • Third graders get a lesson on gun safety so they learn early on that they shouldn't play with guns.
  • Read about the current bills in Congress, including bills for gun control and safety.

  • Learn about gun control and how President George W. Bush feels about the subject.

  • Read information regarding gun fights and the fight against guns.

  • Is gun control a poor substitute for good government? You be the judge.

  • Learn the definition of gun control as well as gun politics throughout the world.

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    Be sure to use rifle scopes and firearms responsibly. Keep firearms away from children at all times.

    Zhumell Metropolitan


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    Bushnell Deep Space 3 Inch Reflector

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    Zhumell 7x50 Marine with Compass and Reticle